Need some new trees, arborvitae or maybe a couple of red cedars to round out your landscaping? Call us.

Our Ocean County NJ Nursery Offers A Bit of Everything at our Creamridge location. . .

Our Creamridge nursery offers a large variety of landscaping and gardening trees, shrubs, and perennial plants to the New Egypt NJ area!  Our nursery’s selection is constantly changing as the seasons change . . . which helps make each visit different than the one before!  While we do include many commonly sought after trees and plants, including flowering dogwoods, azaleas and arborvitae, we also try to include many local plants as well.  Our careful garden designing and selection of some of these plants can help beautify your home, can help increase your privacy and most importantly make your yard a much more enjoyable place to spend time.

In addition to growing shrubs and perennials in our nursery, we offer full service landscaping and landscape design services. Check out more about our landscaper services here.


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